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William W. Wilhelm

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William W. Wilhelm was a motorcycle officer for the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1950s and 1960s.  His book, Code Two and a Half “offers a fascinating look at the career of an LAPD motor officer during the fifties and sixties, through boredom, tickets, riots and earthquakes. Take a trip down the highway with Bill Wilhelm - his nostalgic memoir shows there's not all that much difference between patrolling on a Harley in Los Angeles and patrolling on a subway train in New York City.”  According to retired Chief of Police, Melvin W. Mouser, “Bill's short stories as a motor officer for the LAPD are an historical account of man against machine, odds and circumstances. To have ridden a million-plus a tribute to the grit and dedication of those road warriors of the era.”

One reader of Code Two 'n a Half said, “Wilhelm was a motorcycle cop in Los Angeles and if you think this is just a job writing traffic tickets you are wrong. This man went through the Watts riots, the Sylmar earthquake, and the Northridge student riots and has the scars and broken bones to prove it. With over a million motoring miles, he has seen it all - violent drunks, silly drunks, naked women, beheaded accident victims, high-speed chases, and near-death experiences. It is a wonder he is alive, and in fact many of his career partners are not - dead through criminal violence or accident while doing their best to "protect and serve" the citizenry of Los Angeles. The book is well written and entertaining throughout. He loved his career but it didn't make me want to become a motorcycle cop. But that is my problem.”

Code Two 'n' a Half
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One reader of Code Two 'n a Half said,  “I ordered this book when my Parents told me that "Bill" had written a book about his career as a LAPD Motor Officer. I knew Bill because he was also a Member of the Motorcycle Club that my Parents belonged to while I was growing up, so I was interested in seeing what he had written. When I started to read the book I found it hard to put down ,his stories covered the area's that I both worked and lived in. He covers his career with humor and seriousness. If you have any interest in what it was like to be Police (Motor) Officer in the City of Los Angeles then you will enjoy his collection of stories.”

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