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Vince Carter

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In LAPD’s Rouge Cops: Cover up and the Cookie Jar, Vince Carter, a 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, separates fact from fiction in a look at one of America’s most celebrated, and publicized, police departments.  Vincent A. Carter and his Uncle Herb Carter, between them, patrolled the streets of Los Angeles for nearly fifty years.  In these memoirs Sergeant Carter describes the birth and early years of a political/financial/newspaper syndicate which ruled Los Angeles with dictatorial power from the late 1880s until recent times.”

Lapd's Rogue Cops: Black Dahlia Murder Case
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One reader of LAPD’s Rouge Cops: Cover up and the Cookie Jar said, “Here on Amazon this book is called "LAPD Rogue Cops: Black Dahlia Murder Case" leading me to believe this book was about the Dahlia case. But when the book arrived, I was surprised to see the title was actually "LAPD's Rogue Cops: Cover Ups and the Cookie Jar." This book is about LAPD corruption across a wide period of time with only two chapters (22 pages total) about the Black Dahlia. What's contained in these chapters is interesting (most of the information appears in the new book THE BLACK DAHLIA FILES by Donald H. Wolf) and I'm sure this book is a worthy read, but don't be fooled like I was into thinking this is a book just about the Black Dahlia case.”

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