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Robert L. Vernon

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Deputy Chief Robert L. Vernon was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department for 37 years.  He is the author of LA Justice.

One reader of LA Justice said, “Want to know what's wrong with the LAPD today? Read this book. Chief Vernon's first hand account of what went wrong provides tremendous insight into the destructive power of political correctness and the political power struggles that destroyed the finest law enforcement agency in the world! Well written in a self-deprecating and winsome style. A prophetic look at the future of big city municipal law enforcement. A must read for any police officer considering a career as a Law Enforcement Executive.”

One reader of LA Justice said “The author, Bob Vernon, rose up through the ranks of the LAPD and through a 37 year career, became Deputy Chief. This book gives important behind-the-scenes insight into the events surrounding the Rodney King incident and the riots that followed. It also lays out how Los Angeles politicians in this time period sought to use the police force for their own political purposes. The second half of the book uses police stories to illustrate principles that the author believes need to be addressed in society today to re-instate law and order. I can't recommend this book highly enough for those with either an interest or who are working in law enforcement.”

L.A. Justice
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One reader of LA Justice said “This book is something more like two books, rather than one. Vernon spends the first half of the book telling his view of the department and what his career was like and how it ended during the aftermath of the LA Riots of 1992. If you are interested in police work and in the LAPD in particular you will enjoy that part. If you are interested a police officer's view during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 it also for you. Robert Vernon's father was a 20-year veteran of LAPD and he tells of his father's frustration of working in the (then) terribly corrupt department. Vernon then writes of his rise up the ranks and chronicles the evolution of the department during his time there.

The second part of the book deals with Vernon's observations on American society and the things that have contributed its changes, not all of them for the better. These personal observations seem to be the recollections of an older gentleman who wishes to impart some of his acquired knowledge to a younger generation that might have a chance to make some changes for the better.

I met Mr. Vernon earlier this year at a Pointman Leadership Seminar that my employer sponsored. It was well worth my time and inspired me to read this book, which I had just acquired a month prior to the seminar. Having met the man prior to reading the book and getting a more insightful view of what makes him tick made the book more inspiring. I hope he might update the book and make it available to participants in his seminar as I believe he has grown a lot, spiritually, since it was written and that aspect of his personality could better be presented in the book today.”

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