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Robert Wheeler

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Robert Wheeler retired as a LAPD  motorcycle officer in 1980, but that didn't stop him from working. Instead, he plunged into a new career with the film industry. Exercising his imagination in pursuit of a dream he had in 1962, he began writing novels in 1994. His passion for romance, although quite the opposite of police work, provides him with more than adequate avenues through which to interweave the various elements associated with his three contributions to-date: Love Forever Lost, Letter of Regret, and Beyond Yesterday, all of which were written entirely in the streets of Los Angeles. He chooses to write the old-fashioned way, with fountain pen in-hand. His office is his custom Harley Davidson. These approaches have gained him the illustrious title of "Curbside Writer" throughout the commercial world of filming. Reviewers who had read his labors of love, have found his writing to be refreshingly honest and direct, containing lots of soul, and chock full of unexpected surprises and twists. During his thirty-four years of marriage, his beautiful wife Denise has presented him with an admirable daughter and dapper son, and he is now the proud grandfather of two gorgeous granddaughters. The eyes of the reader will truly be his future.

According to the book description of Love Forever Lost, “Sonia Gills is a prosecuting attorney for the Nimes County District Attorney’s Office when she meets prison inmate Paul Williams. Paul is serving time for his participation in an armed robbery. However, there is something about the case that intrigues the ambitious young lawyer. So begins the story of Paul Williams, a handsome man who took the rap to protect Martha Janet, whom he deeply loved.

After receiving an unduly harsh sentence, he never heard from Martha Janet again. Sonia is determined to learn the reason why Martha Janet abandoned Paul. Her first major break comes when, upon the death of the prison’s warden, a cache of letters is discovered in his personal safe. The letters are the collection of undelivered correspondence between Paul and Martha Janet through ten long years. Martha Janet’s father had conspired with the warden to prevent any communication between the separated lovers. Perplexing twists begin to unravel, all unbeknownst to Paul.

Tense and powerful, teeming with likable characters, author Robert Wheeler manages his complicated plot with skillful finesse, as he weaves an electrifying story. His ending is dramatic and emotionally charged.

Love Forever Lost
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Beyond Yesterday
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One reader of Love Forever Lost said, “I was very surprised to enjoy each character. Not only was I fooled with all the twists, and accounts of life, the story brought back memories of a love I once had. Although the ending of the book was not my life, I did in fact cry at the ending. I hope the author continues to write more novels as I am sure he will soon be on the top ten list around the nation. If he isn't, then the world of readers will be missing a valuable writer. As I mentioned, the ending really pulled at my thoughts, I wish I could ask the author who it was. I believe each reader will have their own conclusion Thank you Mr. Wheeler, you really entertained me for three days of non stop reading.”

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