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Richard B. Whitaker

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Richard B. Whitaker is a retired Detective III from the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his many years working in law enforcement, he successfully fulfilled a wide range of roles, including uniformed patrol, plain-clothed special operations, administrative staff, and detective. In that last capacity, he worked on many assignments, including those involving robbery, homicide, burglary, juvenile crimes, and auto theft. Mr. Whitaker holds a Bachelor of Independent Studies (BIS) from Brigham Young University, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Southern California.


According to the book description of his Richard Whitaker’s first novel, Conflict In Blue Behind the Badge, is a “fast-paced and thrilling police story, set in 1968, that focuses upon Nicholas Hunter McLean, who begins his career with the Los Angeles Police Department as a raw recruit who initially views the world through rose-colored lenses, truly believing that all men are created equal. But his na´vetÚ is quickly shattered when he experiences firsthand the random violence of South-Central Los Angeles. Any remnants of such unrealistic thinking are torn away when his seasoned partner falls victim to a brutal cop killer.


McLean soon finds himself in a deadly cat and mouse game, when it becomes clear that he is now at the top of the brutal killer's hit list. McLean also learns that the only men that he can trust are those in a hand-picked Special Problems Unit, and if he wants justice, he's going to have to mete it out himself. The unforgettable details of Conflict In Blue Behind the Badge ring true with the experience of its author, a veteran LAPD street cop. Pick up a copy today, and you will be quickly caught up in the deadly game of murder, intrigue, and ultimate courage and justice, as young McLean battles for his life.”

One reader of Conflict in Blue said, it “is a gritty, intense police drama set in the dark alleyways of 1968 L.A. The book provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of toughened street cops faced with split-second, life-altering decisions.  Whitaker's writing style will grab you. I felt like I heard the humming of the Plymouth's engines, smelled the gunpowder and tensed when morally-bereft criminals emerged from the shadows. Whitaker put me right there. It's a great read - a phenomenal first offering for an up-and-coming author. I highly recommend.”

One reader of Conflict in Blue said “It is said that Joseph Wambaugh "redefined police fiction" when he gave us "The New Centurions" in 1971 and his other novels that followed. Readers believed they were getting their first glimpse into the real lives of police officers. As a [former] LAPD cop, Wambaugh was showing us the real deal, or was he? Many would say he couldn't because he hadn't really lived it, hadn't experienced life on the streets of Los Angeles wearing a badge. Well, Richard Whitaker has worn the badge, walked the walk... so brace yourself for a dose of reality - a gritty, gruesome, sometimes shocking "in your face" ride with Nicholas Hunter McLean and his fellow officers of the Special Operations Squad sworn to protect and serve the citizens of the City of the Angels. But don't think for a minute that this is just another "hot shot cop" story because at the end of watch, when the gun is holstered and the badge is off, McLean's humanity shines through, revealing the man behind the badge.”

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