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Police Wife - My Life Married to the Badge

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                                    book cover for the LAPD Wife and author of married to the badge, Renee Anderson

Renee Anderson started writing online for the website almost 4 years ago about her life married to an LAPD narcotics officer and is still going strong. What began as a quest to reach out to other wives of law enforcement, sharing stories of both humor and heartache, turned into a wonderful discovery. No matter the location or department, we all go through the same ups and downs that life with an officer can bring. And it's nice to know that we're not alone. This book takes you through Renee's life with Officer Jake and shares personal stories of her fun, often frustrating and yet always fantastic life married to the badge.

Renee has received many accolades from national and international police and their wives for both her web site and this book. Competition in this category is scarce this is a niche market that has not been addressed well so far by the publishing community. There are thousands of law enforcement officers in this nation and hundreds of books written about the life of a cop. But there are less than a handful of books that directly address the life of an officers spouse let alone written by an officers wife.

Renees husband, Officer Jake, has been an LAPD officer for 19 years. They have been married for almost 12 years and have been through many dramatic and noteworthy incidents during his career that officers and their families can identify with. Renee has a journalism background and utilizes her writing expertise to successfully share their experiences and knowledge of the ups and downs life with a law enforcement officer can bring.

Feedback from officers and their wives:

"POLICE WIFE is a must read for anyone who is married to a cop, related to one or just considering being in a relationship with one in todays world of Law Enforcement. By sharing her touching and heart felt experiences and anecdotes of being married to Officer Jake of the LAPD, Renee speaks to the reality, sometime difficulties and awesome rewards of knowing and loving a Cop Im going to buy one for my Mom!"  -- Terry, Deputy, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department

"I could easily visualize every scene and found myself rapidly involved with the characters.  It left me wanting to read more, which is always a fantastic thing. This is an excellently written book and a captivating read."  -- Alice Sturdy, Director, LAPD Wives Association

"I LOVED IT! So many of those stories are exactly spot on! Everything from dating an officer, to re-arranging holidays, to the dreaded phone calls of accidents, I experienced every one of those! It was great, and SO funny! (Even my husband laughed through it!)." Diane, wife of a Signal Hill police officer

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