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Phillip Vannatter

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Phillip Vannatter, entered the Los Angeles Police Department in 1969 after serving on the United States Army Peacekeeping force in Korea.  In 27 years with the LAPD he investigated more than 250 homicides, and became a court expert in highly sensitive officer-involved shootings and homicides.  Throughout his career, he received more than 60 commendations from law enforcement and over 200 from civilians.  He retired in 1996.

According to the description of Evidence Dismissed, “Here the truly dedicated can inspect the transcript of the detectives' interview with LAPD OJ Simpson the day after the murders and of Detective Lange's conversation with him during the Bronco chase. More interesting, though, are the interviews, full of odd, stray remarks.” said of Evidence Dismissed, it “is one of those as-told-to books, the tellers being Detective Tom Lange and Detective Philip Vannatter, who led the investigation into the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Here, free from the constraints of courtroom procedure, cross-examination, and public relations spin, they present their side of the story, including much evidence that never saw its day in court.Detectives Lange and Vannatter took a lot of flak during the first Simpson trial and in the barrage of books that followed. In Evidence Dismissed they have their revenge by pointing out errors in the prosecution's case and getting in a few digs at the defense attorneys. As told to Dan E. Moldea, a veteran crime reporter, this latest insider story sheds some new light on the behind-the-scenes activity surrounding the most recent "Trial of the Century."

Evidence Dismissed
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One reader of Evidence Dismissed said, “This book isn't hard to stomach because of bad writing style or anything in that vein. It is hard to stomach because it describes, in detail, all the extremely incriminating evidence WHICH POINTED TO NO ONE BUT SIMPSON that was found by the detectives in this case and the Los Angeles Police Department which, inexplicably, was not raised by the prosecutors EVEN ONCE during the trial. This book proves Simpson's guilt beyond ALL doubt, showing that had ALL this evidence been displayed before the jury in the criminal joke (it's an insult to courtrooms and the hallways of justice throughout this world to call it a trial) then Simpson would have undoubtedly been convicted. But most of all, "Evidence Dismissed," like Vincent Bugliosi's "Outrage" proves once and for all that the TRUE blame for the loss of this case can be laid at the feet of the prosecution.”

One reader of Evidence Dismissed said, “What an outrage....if this case intrigued you, then I suggest you read this book and read the "evidence dismissed". Well written, and fast paced, I couldn't put the book down. It really puts a cast of doubt on the justice system. And to know this man is still out there walking around free, while two people are not, is unbelievable. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves true crime!”

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