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Jerry Minton

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LAPD officer Jerry Minton (retired) currently resides with his wife in Glendale, California Jerry by choice spent his twenty plus year career working on the streets in some of Los Angeles's toughest neighborhoods while serving in the elite Metropolitan division and in several out laying divisions. Jerry uses his unique LAPD street cop background to write his novels that employ realistic fictionalized landscapes and intriguing characters. Although altered, many of the scenes are based on real events and people, all combined with romance, adventure along with a supernatural twist. As Jerry Minton puts it “The one thing that has motivated my writings the most, with out a doubt; was the twenty plus years I served as a Los Angeles Police Officer. During that time I was witness to some of the most unique characters, and events; both in and out of uniform. There is tucked away in my mind many a recollection of incidents that as far back as a rookie cop some thirty-three years ago I knew I'd some day relive through a written account . . . now that day has come with the release of Hollywood Nights.”

Hollywood Nights
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price: $19.95

According to the book description of Hollywood Nights, “L.A.P.D. Hollywood division officer Ashley Ruth has successfully managed to attain her goal to graduate from the very tough Los Angeles Police Academy. She has now just realized her second goal: making it through her one-year probationary period as a rookie cop. But nothing has prepared her for the wild ride that she is about to embark on as a Hollywood beat cop. Morally, Ashley knows that she has to disclose the evidence she has stumbled onto. She grapples with the agonizing decision that will certainly incriminate her partner if true. At the same time she must restore public confidence in a department that has characterized itself, unwittingly, as the poster-boy for the “Code-Of-Silence” foundation. Now meet “One-Tough-Cop” that gets chewed up, but instead of being spat out, she makes the system choke on it. She steadfastly refuses to become just another victim of that system, just another dead cop, and instead becomes an unlikely department legend and hero.”

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