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Lloyd O'Callaghan

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Lloyd W. O’Callaghan was one of the two Los Angeles Police Officers involved in the Eulia Love shooting.   McLaughlin and Smith commented on the shooting, “The five deputy chiefs on the Shooting Review Board voted 4 to 1 that the shooting was in compliance with department policy and the officers had fired in self-defense. The two officers had emptied their guns, a result of “rapid fire syndrome,” which is, in fact, the way they had been trained for life threatening encounters occurring at short distances. The district attorney, after doing his own investigation, did not file criminal charges against the officers (Gates, 1992). The LAPD Police Commission disputed the police version of the shooting. The police department said that the incident lasted seven minutes, while the findings of the Police Commission estimated the time at two-and-a-half minutes. This incident prompted an investigation by the Police Commission of past shootings by Los Angeles police officers (Hill 1979).”

The other end of the gun: Eulia Love officer-involved shooting : a true story
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