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Kathy Bennett

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Kathy Bennett "is no stranger to murder and mayhem. She served twenty-nine years with the Los Angeles Police Department eight as a civilian employee and twenty-one years as a sworn police officer. While most of her career was spent in a patrol car, shes also been a Firearms Instructor at the LAPD Academy, a crime analyst in the War Room, a Field Training Officer, a Senior Lead Officer, and worked undercover in various assignments. Kathy was honored to be named Officer of the Year in 1997."  Kathy Bennett is the author of A Dozen Deadly Roses, A Deadly Blessing, A Deadly Justice and A Deadly Denial.

According to the book description of A Dozen Deadly Roses, "Los Angeles Police Officer Jade Donovan is being hunted. Theres the lieutenant whos out to get her, the psycho whos stalking her and leaving dead roses at her door, but most frightening of all, shes been assigned to partner with her sons father, Mac Stryker. Mac doesnt know hes Donnies dad, and Jade will stop at nothing to prevent him from finding out and possibly taking away her son. She will protect and defend him at all costs. Mac Stryker is a cop with something to prove. Five years ago, hed been forced to resign the police department in disgrace when he was too drunk to take action during a shooting. Now, Mac is sober, back on the force and back working with Jade Donovan, the rookie whod saved his life. Worse, he finds himself attracted to Jade and her precocious son, Donnie. But Mac is through with love. The violent death of his wife and daughter turned him into an alcoholic, and he wont put his job or his heart at risk again. He will protect and defend them both at all costs. But when the deadline looms on Jades dozen deadly roses stalker, will the two partners manage to put aside their differences in order to save their son?"


According to the book description of Deadly Blessing, "The critically ill daughter of the governor of California has been kidnapped. LAPD Detective Maddie Divine is assigned to find her before its too late. But this high-profile case comes with secrets on every side: cops, politicians, even the innocent. A Deadly Blessing is a lightning-paced story of suspense that will keep readers on edge from beginning to end."


According to the book description of A Deadly Justice, "A brutal murder. A rash of sophisticated burglaries. A serial rapist. Little does veteran LAPD Detective Maddie Divine and her new partner, Jade Donovan, realize that a single thread tie the crimes together. But as their investigation digs deeper and the cases begin to unravel, they threaten to expose one of Maddies darkest secrets and force her to confront a truth shes tried desperately to bury."


According to the book description of A Deadly Denial, "Someone is killing cops in Los Angeles. Detective Maddie Divine is assigned to the elite Robbery Homicide Division to join the hunt for the cop killer. With officers being murdered every few days, the suspect list grows longer as secrets, deceit, and denials are uncovered. Maddie Divine Maddie's keeping a secret and if her co-workers knew, they'd put her in a padded cell and give her a rubber gun. Meanwhile, her former partner, Cash McCool, has some explaining to do. But will she accept his justification for his actions?"

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