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John M. Coyle

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John M. Coyle retired from the Los Angeles Police Department after 37 years, at the rank of detective.  He spent his last 20 years investigating Domestic Terrorism as a member of the FBI's Los Angeles Task Force on Terrorism.

According to the description of his fictional novel, Fear of Reality, it “is a fictional tale about a homicide detective working South Central Los Angeles. While Detective "Sully" Sullivan is working on an execution style homicide of a street gang member turned police informant; his investigation uncovers a cop gone bad.

With the aide of his good friend, Detective Ralph Doyle, Sully uncovers a sinister group of misfits led by a prominent Los Angeles attorney by the name of William Masey. Masey is an attorney to the rich and famous. He has for many years assisted his clients in the adoption of unwanted newborns. Masey's clients, who represent the more affluent white population of Los Angeles, now desire healthy, Caucasian children for adoption.

When the demand for these Caucasian babies becomes greater than the supply, Masey sends his band of degenerates upon unsuspecting expectant mothers. Sully's research reveals a trend that showed numerous Caucasian women, at eight and a half months pregnant, had vanished. Sully is horrified when he discovers his own wife, and unborn son, have fallen prey to their evil plan.

The author began writing this work of fiction several years ago after being inspired by the disappearance of Laci Peterson and Conner, her unborn child. The author does not question the fact that Scott Peterson is responsible for the murder of his wife and unborn child. However, there were questions raised during the trial by the defense that an unknown cult had abducted Laci for some type of satanic sacrifice. The author took this a step further and came up with a criminal enterprise bent on stealing unborn children from the womb of their mother; so that childless wealthy clients could be enriched by the patter of little feet.”

The Fear of Reality
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One reader of Fear of Reality said, “I have read many a detective yarn over the years. I am one who likes such writings, and they are my main source of reading entertainment. Many authors I read are famous for such books of suspense. In my opinion, John Coyle's book is one of the most interesting and intriguing I have ever read. I sat and was mystified at the intelligence and elegance he used as was he wove his story. It is pure entertainment and I hope he continues to create more in his genre of writing. I purchased five copies and have them as gifts for my friends who like such detective yarns. Beyond a doubt, this is one of the best and most interesting I have read. The story is intriguing and very unusual with lots of sub plots and twists to it. What is great is his inside knowledge of investigations due to his years of experience in the LAPD. It is like a new version of a Wambaugh.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes and loves a good story and I would hope some movie type picks this up and uses Mr. Coyle's book as the basis for a movie. It is a natural progression to the screen, as it is that good. Kudos to Retired Detective John Coyle!”

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