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Jess Waid

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Jess Waid served as a sworn officer on the Los Angeles Police Department for over twenty-one years. He patrolled Hollywood Division in 1961-1962, in 1964, and again as a field sergeant from 1969 to 1971. He completed his law enforcement career as the Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Lieutenant II, of the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Unit in Robbery-Homicide Division. Waid lives with his wife, Barbara, in Mexico. Jess Waid is the author of Shades of Blue,
459 Framed in Red, The Purple Hand, He Blew Blue Jazz, Circle of Yellow and Kona Gold.


According to the book description of Shades of Blue, "A psycho haunts the hills of Hollywood.... It's 1961. The Berlin Wall goes up, the Bay of Pigs invasion flops, punks cruise the Boulevard with their tops down blasting Chubby Checker's "Pony Time," and women are being savagely butchered on LAPD cop Mike Montego's beat. Something's got to give, and it won't be Montego."

According to the book description of 459 Framed in Red, "Hollywood, 1962... Young, eager LAPD cop Mike Montego has to deal with a series of art thefts, crooked cops, a passionate, complicated girlfriend, kinky sex, and bloody mayhem. After all, it's Hollywood in the early '60s!"

According to the book description of The Purple Hand, "Old Mobsters never die... It's Hollywood in the early '60s. Men are brash, women are brassy, and cars are big. Plainclothes cop Mike Montego has a problem, and his name is Neall Haley, who happens to be Montego's partner. Something's very wrong, and Montego needs to find out what, fast, before someone gets hurt--him!"

According to the book description of He Blew Blue Jazz, "L.A. in the early 'Sixties, plus cool jazz, hot women, relentless bad guys pursuing from Hollywood to Las Vegas and one determined cop equals a hell of an entertaining read!" Another Mike Montego novel written in first person, present tense."

According to the book description of Circle of Yellow, "Mike Montego in his last days as a patrol officer in Hollywood, finds himself receiving more radio calls having to do with domestic violence. One incident tears at his soul. He risks his career to help the female victim, the mother of four including an infant. What transpires has him looking at his own recent marriage and his future with his new wife."

According to the book description of Kona Gold, "LAPD detective Mike Montego can't seem to escape trouble. Fleeing the mean streets of Los Angeles for the balmy beaches of Hawaii to clear his mind after a hasty Vegas wedding, he soon finds himself saying aloha to Waikiki as he rolls up his investigative sleeves and tackles the task of unraveling the murder of a local surfer. Montego becomes enmeshed in a seed, dangerous world of narcotics smuggling and human trafficking, far from the island hold of tiki torches and fruity cocktails most tourists enjoy. With both his marriage (courtesy of a gorgeous Eurasian next door neighbor) and his life in jeopardy, Montego cracks the case and makes a surprising discovery in the process."

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