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Jack H. Schonely

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Apprehending Fleeing Suspects: Suspect Tactics And Perimeter Control
Jack H. Schonely  More Info

Jack H. Schonely’s began his 25 year law enforcement career with the Berks County Sheriff’s Office (Pennsylvania).  In 1983, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department. He has been a patrol officer, Field Training Officer and undercover vice officer.  After working Hollywood Vice, Jack Schonely transferred to the LAPD’s premier tactical unit, Metropolitan Division.  In Metropolitan Division Jack Schonely worked a variety of details, including city-wide crime suppression, surveillance, VIP security and crowd control.


In 1992, Jack Schonely became a canine handler in Metropolitan Division where he conducted over “700 high risk searches.”  A few years later in his career he became a “Tactical Flight Officer (observer) with LAPD’s Air Support Division coordinating tactical operations on a nightly basis. Many of these incidents involved foot pursuits and perimeter containments. He was the Chief Tactical Flight Officer for a short time before he switched seats in the helicopter and was selected as a Command Pilot at Air Support where he is still assigned. He is a Certified Flight Instructor in rotorcraft.  Jack was the recipient of the 2004 Air Crew of the Year Award at LAPD Air Support.”  Jack Schonley has a BS in criminal justice.


Jack Schonley is the author of Apprehending Fleeing Suspects; Suspect Tactics and Perimeter Containment. According to Deputy Chief Mike Hillmann (who wrote the forward), “This book is one of the most comprehensive and to the point manuscripts that I have had the pleasure to review in my 38 years of law enforcement. Apprehending Fleeing Suspects is the how to, nuts and bolts of field enforcement tactics and is not only focused on suspect apprehension, but on officer safety. A must read for the professional police officer.”

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