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Frank DiPaola

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Frank DiPaola, Los Angeles Police Department (ret.), is a twenty-five year veteran of law enforcement.  During his career with the LAPD he founded the Juvenile Impact Program.  According to the Los Angeles Police Department, "The Juvenile Impact Program is designed for first-time offenders referred by the courts. The program requires the juvenile to admit to their offense and the impact the crime caused. The juvenile then participates in a mini boot camp, paints over existing graffiti, completes a self-esteem class, and is "scared straight" by a group discussion led by several ex-convicts."  In his retirement, Frank DiPaola has assisted Monterey County Sheriff's Office as a gang consultant.  Currently, he volunteers with the Carmel Police Department in their Youth Diversion Leadership Program.  Frank Dipaola is the author of From Hell to Hail Mary - A Cop's Story.

According to the book description of From Hell to Hail Mary - A Cop's Story, "Police work is not what you see on television. In the real world, its tougher, it's grittier, and theres a lot more on the line. This is the true life story of a modern hero whose perseverance and faith helped him to turn at-risk kids away from some of LA's deadliest gangs and prison. Born in Brooklyn, Frank DiPaola flew to Los Angeles with one suitcase to maybe become an actor. Instead he became a cop. He also became an actor. He also saved lives."

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