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Keith Bushey

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Keith D. Bushey is a 42-year veteran of law enforcement who presently serves as Law Enforcement Liaison to Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley. He is retired as a commander from the Los Angeles Police Department, as a deputy chief from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and as a colonel from the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Additional law enforcement experience includes having served as a Los Angeles County deputy sheriff, a California State deputy game warden, and as the marshal of San Bernardino County. He is a high school drop out who holds the General Education Development Certificate, an Associates in Arts Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Science and Administration, and a Master of Science Degree in Public Service. He is a graduate of numerous courses and institutes, including the California POST Command College, and serves as a staff instructor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association. Keith D. Bushey is the coauthor of The Centurions Shield: Badges of the LAPD.

The Centurions Shield: Badges of the LAPD
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One reader of The Centurions Shield: Badges of the LAPD said, “I am a recently new collector of police badges, and this book is amazing. I have learned new terminology and has even helped me with badges in general, not just LAPD badges. A must for anyone who collects police insignia.”

One reader of The Centurions Shield: Badges of the LAPD said, “This book provides excellent information about LAPD badges, ID cards, and insignia for the collector. It also covers badges from other city agencies as well as obsolete and prototype badges. However, I thought the best part of the book was the chapter on the history of the LAPD, starting with its days as a volunteer force in the mid 1800's. I would recommend it only to law enforcement buffs, LAPD personnel, and badge collectors.”

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