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Homer Floyd Broome, Jr.

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Homer Floyd Broome Jr. joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1954.  In 1969, he became the department’s first Black captain.  In 1975, he 75, he became the LAPD’s first Black Commander.  Although he tested for Chief of Police, Homer F. Broome retired as a commander.  In retirement, he was appointed by President Jimmie Carter to a senior position in the Department of Justice. He died in 2007 at the age of 76.

Homer Floyd Broome Jr. is the author of LAPD's Black History, 1886-1976 and A Plan for Assessing the Contribution of Innovative Programs to Improve Criminal Justice.

LAPD's Black History, 1886-1976
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A plan for assessing the contribution of innovative programs to improve criminal justice
Homer F Broome  More Info

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