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Bill Larkin

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Bill Larkin, "A native of Malibu, California, Bill Larkin is the author of several crime thriller short stories, including The Highlands, OC Confidential, and The Deep End, plus the novella Shadow Truth. He will be releasing the debut novel Detective Lessons in 2014, which will continue the adventures of Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Kevin Schmitty SBio Photo BWchmidt. He is a mystery and thriller enthusiast with a business background in commercial real estate. Bill previously served as a Reserve Deputy with the Orange County Sheriffs Department, then the Los Angeles Police Department where he last worked in a detective assignment. Bill is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and an associate member with the International Thriller Writers. He lives in Orange County, California."  Bill Larkin is the author of the book Detective Lessons and The Highlands (A Short Story), The Deep End (A Short Story), Shadow Truth (a Novella) and OC Confidential (a Short Story).

According to the book description of Detective Lessons, "When a wealthy real estate developer convinces Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Kevin Schmidt to search for his missing son, Schmitty senses trouble. Its not the fact that its a prohibited side job, its the fact that he has to team up with Megan McCann, an attractive private investigator with her own set of rules. 

Finding a body in the trunk of a BMW sends Schmitty and Megan on an adrenalized trail through Southern California unraveling a sophisticated real estate scam. A run-in with the LAPD and some hardcore gang members opens new perspectives on the case, and they begin to glimpse a shocking web of greed and corruption. 

The situation suddenly becomes more complex - and personal when the billionaire takes matters into his own hands and Schmittys own department gets involved. When Schmitty and Megan go to Catalina Island to track down the one man who may know everything, they uncover a secret that could make or break the billionaire. And when Schmitty miscalculates the man, it could get them killed. Before all this, Schmitty had been unfairly outcast in his department. Now hes here to protect and serve. To make justice prevail and figure out who to bring down."


According to the description of The Highlands (A Short Story), "LAPD Detective Trainee C.P. Mata is called to assist with a homicide investigation in The Highlands, an upscale neighborhood in the Pacific Palisades. The victim is a local man whose body was found in some bushes. The investigation leads them to a friend of the victim, an attractive single woman who comes up with her own suspect. Detectives convince her to help them set up a sting to catch the killer. It catches much more than they anticipated and it catapults Mata into a career as a homicide detective."


According to the description of The Deep End (A Short Story), "As a reluctant favor to his cousin, Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Schmitty Schmidt attends a snazzy fundraiser at an exclusive waterfront home on Lido Isle in Newport Beach. But its not what he bargained for when he finds a drowning man in the pool and has to jump into action. It turns out that theres a killer on the loose at the party and Schmitty goes on a personal mission to figure out who it is before he disappears."


According to the description of Shadow Truth (a Novella), "A deadly boat explosion in Newport Harbor looks like an accident, but Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Kevin Schmitty Schmidt soon finds himself in the middle of a homicide investigation that raises questions about his relationship to the victims wife. Pitted against enemies inside the OCSD, Schmitty races to follow his own investigative instincts. Schmitty learns that the victim had invented a new lie detector, giving the investigation new importance. The traditional polygraph was invented in the 1920s and although its evolved, scientists, courts, and critics know it isnt perfect. A clever liar can manipulate anybody and any machine until now. This new lie detector cant be beat. But it threatens a new future, and a lot of people will do anything to get their hands on this technology."


According to the description of OC Confidential (a Short Story), "Newport Beach, California is an epicenter of rich and powerful people with more than their share of secrets behind their mansion walls. Guy Spears life is on the downslide, but when hes not boozing hard, hes got a real talent for planting bugs and tracking devices. So he decides to set up shop there. His business plan? Record infidelities and get cheaters to pay him extortion money. He promises to keep the secret and youll never hear from him again. Easy money, right? Only until he meets his match."

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