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Alfonso Richard Guerrero

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In 1974, Sergeant Alfonso Richard Guerrero, LAPD (ret.), entered the Los Angeles Police Academy. He graduated from California University, Los Angeles with a degree in Political Science/Pre-law.  Immediately after completing the police academy, he was assigned to undercover narcotics as a street buyer.  After a year working undercover, Guerrero was assigned to the Public Disorder Intelligence Division and became a deep-cover police agent infiltrating subversive organization which espoused the violent overthrow of the United States Government. 

Three years into his deep-cover assignment, Guerrero emerged and was assigned to Wilshire Patrol Division.  After two years working patrol, he was selected for Metropolitan Division where he spent the next sixteen years working crime suppression and was ultimately selected for SWAT.  Promoting to the rank of Sergeant, he spent the balance of his twenty-seven-year career working Rampart, 77th and Hollenbeck Areas.

Once he retired from the Los Angeles Police Department, he became a senior special investigator with the California Horse Racing Board regulating the racing industry and eventually appointed as a Special Agent with the California Attorney General's Office investigating organized crime within the state's Medicaid program. Lastly, he was appointed as a Parole Board Commissioner with the Board of Parole Hearings where I chaired parole panels that granted or denied parole to inmates throughout the state.

Sergeant Alfonso Richard Guerrero is the author of No Gun, No Badge: The Amazing Adventures of Matt Perez: From Deep-Cover Cop to SWAT in 70s-90s L.A.

According to the book description of No Gun, No Badge: The Amazing Adventures of Matt Perez: From Deep-Cover Cop to SWAT in 70s-90s L.A., "Based on the author's real-life experiences, including those as an undercover agent infiltrating radical groups intent on overthrowing the United States government, No Gun, No Badge vividly recounts the diverse and dangerous career of L.A.P.D.'s Matt Perez during some of the most brutal years of crime in Los Angeles. It presents a provocative, often harrowing story, beginning with the foundational experiences from Matt's childhood through the teenage years that helped to mold his personality and eventually steer him into the dangerous pit of law enforcement and survival. Although the character of Matt Perez is fictional, his experiences are real."

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